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The Green Solar Energy is interested to learn what others have to say about the renewable energy industry in which we function, and we encourage you to add value guest blogs to our ‘Write for Us’ category.


We satisfy the renewable energy industry’s diverse requirements and our customers include office and commercial clients, state and federal agencies, retail and industrial facilities, ESCOs, utilities, developers of homes, healthcare providers and many other energy efficiency organizations.


In order to provide informative and value-adding guest posts that illustrate the work we do, The Green Solar Energy seeks technical content writers with specialized expertise in the energy industry. Check our blogs.


There should be a special and original emphasis on the guest post. The Green Solar Energy’ audience should be involved, and it should be inclusive enough to attract audience from all forms of energy enthusiasts.

Topics of interest

We are looking for Blogs on a wide variety of subjects within the framework of our areas of expertise, including:
– Energy efficiency & Renewable energy consulting
– Renewable energy product sales, installations & support services
– Carbon Management
– Energy training & education services
– Energy Supply services

Your contribution

If you are excited about the energy industry, have useful renewable energy expertise and are excited about exploring global climate patterns, feel free to email us to become a guest author in our editorial staff. Show your creativity and love for the energy industry. We appreciate being able to hear from you.

Guidelines for Guest Post

The Green Solar Energy require Guest Bloggers to meet these simple and necessary Guest Post instructions.

• The Guest Post has to deal with one of the themes we listed in the previous section.
• Write great and useful content, share the exponential knowledge you have with the world.
• Only submit plagiarism free content.
• Do not re-write, repeat and/or spin material, etc. These content & guest writers are exclusively dealt with. Even for any future opportunities, we suspend cooperation with such bloggers.
• Write a riveting article with a minimum of 1000 words.
• The article should not promote any kind of Service or Product and/or Review of the same. However, if you want to post a product or service review, please contact us via mail: , we do collaborate with such brands for sponsored review.
• We prefer real people for guest post submission. Therefore, it is better to use your domain email (for example –
•Once your draft is approved for publishing, you have to provide the following details in Doc/Docx file along with the content.
• Title
• H1, H2 and H3
• Focused Keyword
• Description
• Image and Alt Text
• Keywords
Note – To maximize the word count, we discourage meaningless material or written lines. At the point of editing, updating, or printing, our editor will remind writers to refrain from such content and erase it.