Solar energy is fast gaining attention globally. The trend is equally strong in the US. No more than 2 million American households use solar energy as their primary source of energy. The sector is also contributing to society as it provides tons of jobs in the economy. People prefer solar power to boost their savings and allow energy independence. Still, it requires some upfront investment, which makes the decision complicated. The substantial initial investment is that most companies use imported parts and labor. Various incentives and tax credits are offered to overcome this hurdle and promote solar energy in different states. Moreover, there are other companies which are producing high-quality solar panel domestically. These solar panel companies include the following: 

To make solar panels more economical, companies such as SunLux, SunRun, and Vivint Solar. Etc., are produced in cost-effective overseas markets such as China. The article aims to recommend the solar panel that can serve you well and meet your distinct needs and demands. Our recommendation is based on the panel’s benefits and other most robust features such as smart tech, warranty, durability, etc.

How big is the US solar industry, and what the future holds for the sector?

Roughly the US solar sector employs approximately 242,000 employees and generates tens of billions of dollars, efficiently contributing to the economy. In 2019, the US had deployed more than 2 million solar PV systems, making approximately 71,300 MW of solar capacity and generating more than 100 TWh of electricity. In 2018, the solar sector generated approximately 1.5% of US electricity. 2020 was a rough year as it exposed the world to new challenges. The pandemic has adversely influenced the world. The solar energy sector was not an exception to it. Still, towards the last quarter of 2020, the US’s solar energy sector gained momentum, and a steady increase in solar panel system demands was witnessed. Of all renewable energy generation, solar PV is expected to grow rapidly from now to 2050.

How to compare the best Solar Companies in USA?

As manufacturer rating and ranking are established on solar panel production’s total capacity, it does not necessarily mean they offer superior quality panels. Some of the smaller producers offer much specialized, premium, and superior products in many cases. Moreover, the production capacity is the testimony to the brand’s potential, creditability, and customer trust. The secret to success, in this case, is to under understand your energy needs and demands. Always plan keeping the future in mind as solar panel system has a long life and should have the potential to full fill your future needs. Always opt for the solar panel, which can complement your energy needs efficiently. Additionally, it is equally important to keep your budget in mind and never bite more than you can chew. When it comes to gauging solar panel proficiency, an exact cost per watt of a single solar panel is not enough. Different dynamics determine the performance of your sea panels. Before you make your mind, always analyze the solar panel’s conversion potential.
Factors We Considered to evaluate the Solar Companies in USA.

STC and PTC Test Performance

The first thing we took under consideration was the performance of the major solar panels. Our analysis was based on two tests including the following: 

  • Standard Test Conditions (STC) 
  • Photovoltaics for Utility-Scale Applications Test Conditions (PTC).

STC testing is traditionally done in the manufacturing plant as the panels are assembled. An employee will connect the solar panel to an assessing device and “flash” it with artificial sunlight. The aim is to record the performance values for current (amps), power (watts), and voltage (volts). It is called “standard” as a standard amount of light is tested every time, 1,000 watts per square meter with 77 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.  

The other test used is the PTC testing, where the solar panel is heated up to replicate the effect of being under the sun. The temperature is then gradually increased to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, and the breeze blows across the panel is adjusted to 68 degrees Fahrenheit at a speed of 1 meter per second. It is an important test as to when the solar panel is heated, its production decreases. PTC testing is critical to estimate and assess the solar panel’s durability. 


Using the manufacturing specs and test results, we can evaluate the solar panel’s longevity. It allowed us to establish how the solar panel can serve the user over its life span. A superior solar panel should have the capacity to withstand unexpected elements and maintain its performance over its lifetime in power output and energy absorption. It is vital as the solar panels have a long life and should have the potential to serve you for decades efficiently facing factors that are thrown at them.


One of the most critical factors in determining any solar panel’s efficiency is its Warranty to the customers. The solar board requires enormous upfront cost, and it makes Warranty a pivotal aspect of the solar panel purchase. The sense of having your investment protected in case of any unexpected event gives you peace of mind and confidence. It is suggested to opt for the solar panel, which offers a warranty of at least 20 years.


There are various solar panels available in the market with different unique designs. Again it is one of the critical attributes of any solar panel. Solar panels are typically installed on the rooftop and are easily visible. Therefore, they should complement your property’s appearance and look decent. On the other hand, some manufacturers prefer to keep the solar panel low profile relatively unnoticeable. 


For installation, we considered the following features: 

  • Anchor points
  • Additional cost 
  • The time needed for installation 
  • Modifications ( if and how frequently)


The final significant aspect we evaluated was the solar panel cost. Ultimately, we focused on ensuring that you are getting the optimum solar panels and the value of your money spent. Our top selected had excellent price ranges through their products. Not only that, they offered multiple financing options. For example, solar companies in the USA like Solar Tech Universal offer $0 down (no upfront costs) to particular qualified customers.

Eventually, to get the best solar panel system, you have to shop around for quotes and do market research. It is time and effort consuming, but it is worth it. Don’t be shy and collect as much information as you can before making any final decision. 

Most Durable Solar Companies in USA

Mission Solar

Mission Solar produces some extraordinary solar panels in their San Antonio, Texas headquarters. Their solar panels have the superior PTC rating in the US solar manufacturers, which is essentially a yardstick to gauge performance within the real conditions. The MSE PERC 60 is their most famous panel. It’s stylish, compact, and concise and attributes their PERC technology that fundamentally gives the potential to generate more energy than traditional panels. Furthermore, it can save you a lot of money in the end. In addition to that, its reliability is phenomenal. They offer a 25-year warranty on their solar panel range and maintain approximately 80% efficiency after the 25-year guarantee expires. The user has a few alternative wattage choices to pick from that scope, from 300 watts to 400 watts, which is enough for a household if you have the accurate number of solar panels. Mission Solar’s solar panels are known for their durability, attractive design, warranty, and power. Simultaneously, there is limited price information available on their website.  

Solar Companies in USA with the Longest Warranty

SolarTech Universal

SolarTech Universal is one of the most impressive Solar Companies in the USA and offers a 30-year warranty, with a superior protection level if anything happens to the solar panels. SolarTech focuses on their manufacturing process and employs call Smart Wire technology, making their solar panels more light absorbent. Smart Wire tech is blended with an augmented number of connections across the solar panel that joins a bunch of low light power to the panel, reducing the average cost per kilowatt-hour. The SolarTech Universal panels are assembled locally in the manufacturing facility near their headquarters in Riviera Beach, Florida. The Solar Tech Universal panels are known for their industry-leading warranties and efficient light absorbent solar panels. Different contact point complements its performance. In addition to that, they have their team is skilled and knowledgeable. On the other hand, there is limited price information available on their website.  

Smartest Solar Companies in USA


Tesla is one of the leading Solar Companies in the USA, which collaborated with Panasonic to produce a few extraordinary solar panels for domestic users. Specifically, the smart potential of Tesla solar panels is incredible. They can link straight to the Tesla Powerwall, primarily a battery to the user’s home. It is aimed to provide power during grid breakdown. 

Furthermore, the solar system connects to the Tesla mobile app, which allows the user tons of insights into energy usage and solar panel performance. Besides Tesla monitoring system is exceptional too. Tesla solar panels require fewer anchoring points and their low profile design makes them more attractive. Their production unit is in Buffalo, New York factory. Tesla’s most impressive attribute is that you can connect it with the mobile app and integrate it with the Powerwall. It is a sleek mounting system with guarantees performance. 

The solar panel is the hot thing of today. The user wants to opt to increase saving or be energy independent. It leaves a minimum carbon footprint and answers the fossil fuel crisis fast approaching us. The US government is committed to boosting the solar energy sector, but it requires an initial upfront investment. The primary reason behind is the most company need import components which affects its price. Therefore making a wise decision is important to gain the maximum from your solar venture. Again it is emphasized to conduct in-depth market research. Furthermore, choose the solar panel according to your unique needs and demands. Finally, opt for the solar panel system keeping the future in mind. Furthermore, the solar energy sector has survived the pressure of pandemic, which reinforces its potential and prospects.