New Mexico

New Mexico is one of the sunniest states in the US. It enjoys more than 280 sunny days annually. The state energy demand is increasing steadily, but the country’s grid doesn’t have the needed potential and strength to meet our electricity demands. Moreover, the cost of harnessing solar energy is gradually declining, which make it even more attractive. By switching to the solar energy the user can harness affordable, reliable and clean energy during the New Mexico’s hottest months. The National Weather Service (NWS) shows summer temperatures in New Mexico cities such as Albuquerque may easily climb to 100 degrees or higher. New Mexico is ranked in top 20 solar states in the US. New Mexico renewable energy sectors have flourished during the last decades, harnessing carbon free energy and creating solar jobs. Using different incentives, New Mexico aims to make solar more attractive and affordable. The incentives include Federal Solar Tax Credit, Solar REC Purchase Programs, Sustainable Building Tax Credit Program and Property tax exemption.  New Mexico solar panel system can make you energy independent. Moreover, you can save you a lot of cash over its life time. The state has made a dedicated effort to make investing in solar an easy choice for energy-conscious consumers.

National solar ranking18th (14th in 2020)
Solar Installed (MW)1,196.9

Percentage of State’s Electricity from Solar

Solar Jobs2,021
Total Solar Investment in State$2.3 billion
Prices have fallen45% over the last 5 years

Growth Projection and Ranking

2055 MW over the next 5 years (ranks 16th)
Number Of Installations28,469