Everyone dreams of living in a paradise-like Hawaii, but it is expensive. The Hawaiian life is truly extraordinary, but the cost of electricity alone is more than double the national average. It is the highest residential electricity price in the US. Therefore, one of the ideal state for solar energy in Hawaii, and solar users can save more and enjoy independence when they go solar. Hawaii is the perfect state for solar users. The state has lots of sunlight, incentives, rebates and federal tax credit to make it even more attractive. Moreover, the user can enjoy a return on investment much quicker than the similar-sized solar panel installed in another part of the country.

Why Solar Energy in Hawaii?

The mesmerizing views and mild temperatures define Hawaii. The state is blessed with bright sun and pleasant weather, making it ideal for harnessing solar energy. Hawaiian sunshine not only put a smile on your face but can effectively power solar panels. The state enjoys bright sun almost two-thirds of the year. 

Hawaii has the perfect temperature, which is not too hot in summer and too cold in the winters. The temperature ranges between the 70s to mid-80s thought out the year. Hot temperature and climate adversely affect the PV system’s production capacity. The uniform and stable temperature allows Hawaii solar panel to perform more efficiently.

Hawaii geographical location is an added advantage as the state more sun than many other northern states. Not only that, the sun is more intense in Hawaii, making it ideal for solar power generation. Furthermore, Hawaii’s elevation makes the sun’s rays hitting the panels better.

Hawaii cost of energy is much higher compared to the other states. Infect islanders pay approximately three times more for energy than mainlanders, and the trend is expected to continue. Tapping into solar power is ideal to limit these costs while also reducing your carbon footprint significantly.

Is Hawaii solar panel worth it?

The average cost of residential Solar Energy in Hawaii, solar system installation is approximately $ 11837 after deducting the 26% federal solar tax credit, which implies $2.67 per watt.  The solar panel prices have fallen approximately 80% in the last ten years. The attraction such as 26% federal tax credit, net metering, incentives, and rebates played a critical role in the sharp increase in demand.

Hawaii Solar Incentives, Rebates, & Tax Credits

Property Tax Exemptions

Property tax exemption on added home value from solar system.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

26% federal solar tax credit is available for home solar systems installed by December 31, 2022.

If you are living in Hawaii, it is the right time to get solar. You can harness solar energy if the solar panels are getting enough sunlight. Moreover, it is essential to place the panels in a direction where PVs can receive sunlight continuously. The number of hours the sun shines in the region is also critical. Hawaiian climate ideally enjoys sun two-thirds of the year, which means most solar panel installations can generate close to their maximum yearly potential if installed correctly. Hawaiian cost of living is expensive, which implies that the payoff period for purchasing a solar panel system is shorter. You can enjoy the return on investment within several years before the user in other states will pay for the same system. Furthermore, the state is going the extra mile to offer attractions and incentives to promote solar energy. If you want to go solar in Hawaii, wait no more. We, with our team of skilled experts, can make the process easy and convenient. Wait no more, and lets us serve you with excellence. 

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