Colorado is one of the sunniest states in the US, with more than 300 sunny days annually. It is known for its solar power advancements. The imitative taken on the state level has increased user’s inclination and preferences. The state aims to go 100% solar by the end of 2040. With favorable solar laws and incentives, and state support, more and more people are switching to solar energy, and the trend continues. Moreover, the state has opted for a more innovative approach toward going solar with utility-sized operations feeding multiple homes and employing small-scale operations that power localized devices and many companies are offering Free quotation for solar system In Colorado.

The Benefits of Colorado Solar Panels


Colorado is known for its bright sunshine. It enjoys more than 300 sunny days and 3,204 hours of daylight annually, making it an ideal state for the residential solar panel system.


Solar energy is truly renewable and characterized by versatility. Solar energy can easily be converted into electrical energy or thermal (heat) energy. Thermal energy can be used to heat water and spaces within your home. Solar energy converted into electricity can be used to power appliances in your home. Photovoltaic solar systems are connected with the grid and are commonly installed on homes throughout Colorado. Overall, solar panels:

  • Generate infinitely renewable energy
  • Have little or no impact on the environment with zero carbon footprint. 
  • Reduce utility costs
  • Boost the value of your home.

Favorable Laws and Policies

Colorado has extremely favorable solar access laws and financial incentives to support and promote solar energy production and consumption. Colorado’s utility companies offer an array of attractive rebates to the users. 

Unfortunately, Colorado does not offer state tax credits for installing solar power systems. Colorado solar incentives include the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to have 30% of all energy generation from local renewable resources by 2020. If utilities like Xcel don’t meet these mandates, they are charged. So, it’s to their advantage to offer solar incentives like Xcel’s Solar Rewards. In addition to that, the state offers 100% tax exemptions for property tax and sales tax. The tax exemption policy implies that the user can add the value of their home without paying taxes on that added value due to the property. Colorado also allows net metering policies, which will enable the user to take advantage of any difference in the solar energy produced and consumed. Any excess energy that is fed back into the grid will be credited to monthly bills. The users can also receive a check for the extra power that their system has been contributed to the grid.

Low-income solar grant program in Boulder

In 2020 city of boulder created a hefty home solar grant program for the user making less than $82000 annually for a family of 4 can receive up to 50% of the incentives, tax credit, and rebates subtracted. Tax rebate continues to be available for Colorado Springs and Boulder too.

Rebates offered in Colorado

Colorado Springs Utilities

$0.20 per watt rebate. Depending on the installation, up to 40% of the total system cost can be covered by rebates (cash value returned to customers) and tax credits (for reduction in local taxes).

La Plata Electric Association

For systems 10 kilowatt or smaller, customers can receive a one-time upfront cash payment valued at $16 per kilowatt.

San Miguel Power Association

Rebate of $0.25 per watt for a maximum amount up to 3kilowatts or $750 (cash value returned to customers). /p>


Solar panel system installation involves substantial upfront costs, which is a concern for many users. Even during the pandemic, the solar industry enjoyed a study demand highlighting its potential. Moreover, there is an inclination by the states and government to support and promote solar energy production and consumption. In all, Colorado offers approximately 100 different financial incentives to support renewable energy. You can get tax breaks, rebates, grants, and loans, etc. The collection of facilities, incentives, and rebates make it more attractive and affordable. If you want to go solar in Colorado, wait no more. We, with our team of skilled experts, can make the process easy and convenient. Wait no more, and lets us serve you with excellence. Looking for Free quotation for solar system In Colorado?

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