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8 Mistakes during designing Solar Power System

The user prefers renewable energy as it contributes to our sustainable future and save some money. Solar power system can offer it all to the user. It is equally beneficial for the user as well as the environment. It is cost-effective and environmental friendly. Moreover, it is renewable and harnessed from abundantly available natural resources. At the same time, Solar architect and solar panel system is more complicated than anticipated. Different factors can negatively influence your solar system performance from the very beginning. To take the best advantage of your solar panel, it is vital to understand some common mistakes beginners make. These mistakes can hamper your solar panel performance. Not to mention, that these mistakes are expensive as well. This article will aim to understand and elaborate on some common mistakes new users make and how you can avoid them.

Mistake 1: Puzzling between Off-Grid and Grid-Tie System

With a solar panel system, the user can generate his/her energy. It reduces your utility bills as you will be using limited power from the grid. People confuse it with going completely off-grid, which is quite wrong. When you go off-grid, you need a system to store the excess produced energy. For that battery bank are used, which are very expensive.
On the other hand, if you have power line access, you can store the extra produced energy with the grid and win bill credits. Moreover, you can use grid energy when needed. If you are located in a region with no grid access, a battery bank becomes the only option, but it negatively influences your return on investment.

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Mistake 2: System’s Size plays important role in Solar architect.

Your system performance depends on understanding your energy needs and Solar architect. It is critical to rightly identify the system size, which is more complicated than perceived. Some people calculate their energy needs based on their utility bills, ignoring the role of climate, shading, panel orientation, efficiency drop, etc. All these factors can influence the actual output of the system. Here we can come in handy. Our experts can help you accurately your energy needs considering various factors such as efficiency, climate, regional attributes, voltage, size of the battery bank, etc.

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Mistake 3: Solar Panel System and Solar Power Outages

Battery backed solar panels come in handy in the power breakouts, but it cannot prevent it. In the gird tied solar panels, the power is stored with the grid. Therefore, when the grid goes out, your power goes out as well as there is no system to supply you the power that your system has produced. Furthermore, battery backup is a little expensive. It is highly recommended if you live in extreme weather regions with unreliable grid power. 

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Mistake 4: Considering Solar a bad Investment

The solar system is expensive, but the grid energy is not cheap as well and its efficiency depends on Solar architect. Moreover, its prices are continuously increasing. Grid-tied solar systems ensure a quick return on investment. Additionally, it can save you hot cash over its lifespan. The solar panel can pay back the user well before the equipment wears out. Tax credits can help you resort to solar energy well within your financial constrained.

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Mistake 5: Solar Panel System with Lease

By leasing the solar panel system with the third party using a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA), the investment value is reduced next to none. But in many cases, leasing can be a dad’s idea. First, the lender owns the system and can claim the system at any time. In this case, you cannot take advantage of the tax incentives and rebates. In addition to that, you have to pay a premium on the lease as well. Finally, it makes selling your property difficult.  

solar power system lease

Mistake 6: Without Planning

Solar panel systems have a long life. The system life span ranges from 25 to 30 years. Therefore, short-sighted planning can harm system performance in the long run. It would be best if you planned to keep your future needs in mind as well. What will happen if your energy needs change in the future? Is your system expandable? These are some questions that should be answered in advance. For off-grid system battery size also play a vital role

solar plan

Mistake 7: Costly Installation

Solar panels involve expensive upfront costs. A significant part of that cost covers installation costs. Different service providers offer complete solutions and turnkey installation. It is an all in one solution, including system designing and installation. It is continuous but expensive. Sometimes Turnkey installers charge you 100-200% more than the actual equipment cost. Another alternative is to work with the local contractors, but that will require time and effort. Furthermore, it is essential to do market research before making any decisions. 

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Mistake 8: Avoid a Frankenstein system

The solar panel can only serve you better if it’s according to your energy needs. In addition to that, it is important to keep the changing future needs in mind. The solar system has a long life and involves heavy investment. The system which is more or less your energy requirement cannot serve you well. The bigger system than what you need becomes white elephants, and the smaller system becomes a burden. It is suggested to get experts helps to evaluate your energy needs and future energy progressions. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you evaluate your present and future needs rationally and accurately.

solar power system mistakes

To take the best advantage of the solar panel system, it is critical that you accurately understand your energy needs. You should be clear if you want a grid-tied or entirely off-grid system. Both have unique advantages and some disadvantages, but it all depends on your system’s needs and associated expectations. Other factors that play critical role in system’s performance size, installation cost, etc. In a nutshell, it all depends on in-depth market analysis, planning, and rationally financing your system. It is essential to build the system according to your needs. We, with our skilled experts, can help you evaluate your present and future needs accurately. Wait no more; book your free appointment for estimate and analysis.

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      See if your home qualifies for the latest incentives on SOLAR program