Increase Solar panel efficiency

We live in a world that is faced with mounting environmental challenges. Moreover, everyone aims to maximize saving by achieving a balance between his/her earning and spending. The two things mentioned are far apart, but on the contrary, both rest on the same solution. Renewable energy or solar production has gained attention during the past few decades to solve our environmental and economic challenges. This topic is about decreasing the Solar panel efficiency and get maximum output. Solar production or Green energy is produced from natural resources. It is economical, environment friendly, and abundant. It has no or limited carbon footprint, which is essential for a sustainable future. Solar energy is a type of green energy harnessed by the sunlight. It is eco-friendly energy which consumes sunlight to produce heat, and electricity. In addition to that, it saves user thousands of dollars during the system life span.

Solar panel efficiency has been the focus of businesses, customers, research, and scholars for decades. It is renewable and harnessed from sunlight, which is generously available and we will discuss how one can get maximum output and can reduce Solar battery charge time. The solar panel system is simple, has a long life, and easy to maintain. There are many types of solar systems available in the market, offering unique benefits. At the same time, it is essential to maximize its efficiency to actualize its true potential. This blog will highlight ten tips that can help you maximize the production of your solar system.

Tip 1: Use sun properly to increase solar panel efficiency

The solar panel system is cost-effective, with only an upfront installation cost. Therefore, it is suggested to make a well thorough decision while installing the solar panel system. It should use the sun properly. Shades and trees affect the solar panel performance adversely. 5% of shades can reduce the productivity of the solar panel system by 50%. Ideally, solar panels should face true south to get maximum sun during the day.

Tip 2: Consider cleaning the solar panel system after a while

Solar panels are mostly self-cleaning, but they are exposed to dust and rain. Besides, Bird droppings can also affect the performance of the solar panel in the long term. Dust, rain, wind, birds dropping, etc., do not have any immediate effect on system performance as it limit the light reaching photo voltaic cells directly. Still, if it gets piled up, it can resist sunlight hitting the panel, limiting the panels’ performance. Therefore, it is suggested to clear the solar panel system once a while with a soft sponge to get maximum output and decrease Solar battery charge time. 

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    Tip 3: Think out of the box, upgrade with time

    The solar panel system is much more than a system to complement your energy needs. It can save you a lot of money. Therefore, plan and invest in your solar panel from time to time. If you plan and implement your solar system wisely, you can supply the excess produced solar energy to the grid and get bill credits. In this way you can benefit from your solar panel system not only for energy cost saving but also producing excess energy.

    solar panel cleaning

    Tip 4: Install the backup battery to store solar production

    If you want to go off-grid and produce energy for usage at night as well, you will have to install solar batteries. Solar Batteries store the excess energy, not used at day, which can be used at night. Moreover, it provides you the facility to transfer excess energy to the grid. Investing in the backup battery can help maximize solar panel system production. In this way, you can easily store the excess produced electricity and use it at night. It can facilitate you fulfill your energy needs well in your budget. 

    Solar battery charge

    Tip 5: Buy the system according to your needs

    Every household is unique with distinct energy needs. The solar panel system is cost-effective but involves high upfront costs. Therefore, it is crucial to get the right system according to your energy needs. It is suggested to research the market thoroughly before making any decision. It is essential to understand which solar system can deliver the value and complement your unique needs. Before making the purchase decision, check different solar panel system models, analyze their power capacity, and explore their features and energy conversion patterns


    Tip6: Use mirrors and solar concentrator

    A solar concentrator allows the user to make the solar panel system efficient. It helps in concentrating the light on the solar panels and converts it into electricity. It helps in focusing light falling everywhere on the solar system. The user can maximize the system’s efficiency by using mirrors with a solar concentrator. The combination of these devices is beneficial in enhancing system production and saving you money

    solar power concentrator

    Tip 7: Wisely place your photovoltaic panels to achieve maximum Solar Production

    The angle and orientation of the photovoltaic panels play a critical role in solar panel production. It should be placed in such a way that it receives maximum sunlight during the day. You can also place the panels in a tilted manner to improve sun exposure.

    photovoltaic cell Solar battery charge

    Tip 8: Keep the temperature coefficient in mind

    The solar system panel performance is affected by any change in temperature and thus Solar battery charge time changes. The impact of temperature change is called the temperature coefficient. Keep in mind that as the temperature increases, the efficiency of the solar panel system decrease. Therefore it is essential to ensure enough gaps between the roof and the solar panel, allowing easy air movement

    climate temperature

    Tip 9: Maintain your solar panel system

    Invest time in your system. Solar panels typically have a 25 to 35 years warranty. It is important to maintain your system and get it checked after a while. Ensure that it receives direct sunlight during the day. Monitor shades covering the panels. In addition to that, get professional assistance once after a couple of years. Furthermore, the invertors need to be changed after 15 years as it is in use continuously.

    solar panel maintenance

    Tip 10: Don't burden yourself, get solar system plans

    It is a fact that solar panel system involves intense upfront cost. It is expensive and requires a massive initial investment. On the other hand, there are many alternatives available to support the initial investment burden. Explore the available option (Solar Rebate) to make a decision complementing your energy needs and financial constraints. Solar energy is the thing of today. It has many advantages which can be maximized by making some rational and wise decisions. Besides, understanding your needs and how the system can efficiently fulfill them can make the process easy. If you get the right solar panel system and use it properly, it will make your life stressful free. Not only that, it can save you a lot of money over the panel’s lifetime.

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